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2 answers

Should spam posts be voted to be closed or flagged?

I flagged a post as spam. However I was advised instead to vote to close it. But the specific instructions for closing questions says: If the question has serious problems (e.g. it is spam or ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is a request for engineering alternatives really a shopping question?

A question was flagged for closing because it was seen as being a shopping question. I didn't read it as an ephemeral "which X should I buy this week?" Rather, I saw an engineer's request ...
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1 answer

Why is the review queue empty?

The review queue is a filter, which shows a list of questions with a certain criteria. The idea is not to show the entire list of questions, but only these which are flagged by a group member for ...
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2 answers

Am I flagging questions correctly?

The way I read the question guidelines, I thought that all questions asked here should be about robotics and have one correct answer. Accordingly, I have been flagging every question that doesn't meet ...
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