Robotics is turning 10 years old this fall!

Thanks to the whole community for making this a great site to get your robotics questions answered.

The StackExchange blog will feature us along with the other sites turning 10 this fall. For example: https://stackoverflow.blog/2022/06/27/celebrating-the-stack-exchange-sites-that-turned-ten-years-old-in-spring-2022/. We need to provide a short blurb about our site. So if you want to contribute, here are some prompts:

  • What have been your favorite or most helpful posts?
  • What do you like best about our community?
  • What do you come here to learn?

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I'm not great with words, but here are some broad strokes:

The linked questions are pretty highly ranked, so they are pretty old. Feel free to suggest newer or better threads. Are there other general topics that come up a lot? Perhaps Kalman filters / particle filters, or something about quadcopters?


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