I can not find the description of the topic scope of "Robotics".

I would like to know I can ask questions about how to code XYZ for Pepper and things like that. I saw most of the Pepper questions are on stack overflow.


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The scope of Robotics is defined in the What topics can I ask about here? page in the Help Centre.

As it says there:

Generic programming questions with no relation to robotics should be asked on Stack Overflow


if your question is directly related to robotics then even if your question might also be appropriate on another site, we are likely to be happy to see it here.

However, as it says in one of our off-topic close reasons

Even questions which are on-topic here may still receive quicker and better answer on a more appropriate stack exchange site.

So it is up to you whether you ask pepper programming questions here or on Stack Overflow (see the pepper tag), the only thing we ask is that you don't ask in both places.

cross-posting the same question to multiple sites is not allowed. If you find a better place to ask your question, please do not just ask your question a second time, instead flag it to a moderator who can migrate the question for you. Questions which are not considered on topic on the target site will have their migration rejected.

Note that pepper questions not related to programming would be off-topic on Stack Overflow, but would be on-topic here.

To reflect the fact that we already have some pepper questions, I have created a tag here and re-tagged the questions I found to make them easier for others to find.


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